Buddha Head Brass Figurine

Buddha Head Brass Figurine

This hand crafted brass Buddha head figurine decorated with gemstones will add peace and tranquility to your home as well as an exotic, luxe vibe. It makes a wonderful gift for spiritually-minded friends.

People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes, use Buddha statues to bring positive energy into a room.

Buddha Head

Statues featuring only Buddha’s head show his post-enlightenment. This depiction represents wisdom and knowledge. Although the disembodied head may seem like a strange way to pay homage to the enlightened one, symbolically, this shows the disconnection between the mind and body.

A Buddha head statue is a wonderful reminder of balance and a path toward seeking the truth.

Product details:

  • Height: Large: 11.5 cm / Medium: 8 cm
  • Hand crafted in India
  • Material: brass,  howlite stones

 Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 3-4 Business Days (Ships Separately)

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