Brass Buddha Heads (Set of 3)

This nicely designed handmade Brass Buddha Heads set is a great object of decoration, it radiates the feeling of peace and calmness. 

People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes, use   into a room.

People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes, use Buddha statues to bring positive energy into a room.

Statues featuring only Buddha’s head show his post-enlightenment. This depiction represents wisdom and knowledge. Although the disembodied head may seem like a strange way to pay homage to the enlightened one, symbolically, this shows the disconnection between the mind and body.

A Buddha head statue is a wonderful reminder of balance and a path toward seeking the truth.

Product details:

  • Made of brass
  • Hand painted 
  • Sizes of the Buddha Heads :

    B: Height 9cm, Length 5.5cm, Width 5cm

    M: Height 8cm, Length 4cm, Width 4.5cm

    S: Height 6.5cm, Length 3.5cm, Width 3cm
Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 3-4 Business Days (Ships Separately)

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